SocialWiFi Funnels: Enabling Businesses To Increase Customer Loyalty Through WiFi Funnels
Ever Tried Increasing Customer Loyalty... But
It Never Worked Out?

Dear Friend,

If you want to discover how to turn an existing expense into a way to boost your social media presence … to maximize your marketing efforts…or even generate revenue…then this will be the best news you’ll hear all day. 

My name is Steven Crissien and I’m a digital marketing consultant. My partners and I have been helping small businesses grow their customer base and increase revenue for over 7 years.

In a few minutes, I’m going to show you a method I found that will help you generate immediate return on some of your marketing investment.

The Answer Was Right There All Along

But first, a quick story on how I found this amazing tool. Pay attention because this will become a great money-making strategy for you!

Most of my clients are small businesses. Margins are tight. I knew they were all providing free WiFi to their clients, with the vague idea that more people would come in the door. And hopefully, they would buy things.

My clients had no idea if providing free WiFi did anything at all to bring in customers. All they knew was they kept paying for it , month after month.

On top of that, offering free WiFi is a headache.

          • Providing and maintaining complicated passwords is time consuming

          • Customers complain about slow connection speeds

          • Some customers worry about getting hacked on insecure networks

          • And other people just come in to use the WiFi and don’t purchase anything

But none of my clients wanted to be the only business that didn’t provide free WiFi. They just didn’t have any tangible reason to keep doing it.

Then I figured it out…

You Can Put Your WiFi to Work For You

I realized there was a way to help my clients to stop giving away free WiFi without getting anything back.

And at the same time, painlessly solve another problem for them.

What’s this other problem? Social media.

78% of small businesses attract new customers through social media. 

People use it to:

          • Help make buying decision

          • Decide if they’ll try out a new place looking at computer

          • Judge if the business is legit 

In short, customers want to see a company with an online presence, engagement, valuable content, and real comments.

But getting those likes, shares and reviews takes time and effort.

Time most business owners don’t have.

Then, during a conversation with a client, it hit me.

What if we use the WiFi to enhance the social media presence and engagement?

So I got to work and developed… 

How Does Social WiFi Funnels Work? 

Step 1

Customer connects to a business’ Free Wi-Fi connection on their smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Step 2

The customer will be directed to a landing page and asked to login with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Instagram, VK, SMS or with their Email address to access the Free Wi-Fi.

Step 3

Customer is encouraged to share on Social Media and "Like" the business’ Facebook page before being redirected to YOUR own custom thank you page or URL of your choice.

Step 4

Customers enjoy Free Wi-Fi, while you now have the customers’ social media profile and/or email address so your team can stay in contact, share promotions, send specials and other marketing messages to create repeat business and massive customer loyalty.

Instead of a customer signing into your WiFi using a password you give them, they sign in using their favorite email or social media account.

Once they sign in, they are directed to a landing page…

A landing page that you choose.

The landing page could be:

       • Your business Facebook page --> your customer will be asked to like the page or leave a positive rating

       • Yelp or Trip Advisor page, where the person will be encouraged to leave a positive review

       • Download page for your app 

       • Downloadable coupon for a product or service you sell 

       • Promotion for a special offer

So in exchange for using your free, reliable WiFi, you’ve just received some more engagement with your customer, through your offer, through a review, or on one of your social media sites. Instantly.

But That’s Not All..
You Can Automatically 
Market to Your Customers 

Once a customer logs in through Social WiFi Funnels, you’ve collected their email or social media login. Which means you can send them promotions, coupons, special offers and more. 

All designed to get them to come back and be repeat customers. You’ll be able to stay connected with them, long after their visit to your place of business.

You Can Laser Focus 
Your Marketing Efforts 

Social WiFi Funnels automatically collects data on your customers.

You’ll learn who’s using the WiFi, what device they’re using, and many other detailed analytics that will help you target your marketing…

… so you get the most out of each and every dollar you spend.

(And you don’t have to worry about the security of the data you’re collecting, because our connection is securely encrypted.)

But more importantly, you’re getting detailed analytics that will take the guesswork out of marketing.

And raise your business to a level you’d never imagined.

By using Social WiFi Funnels, not only will you increase your social media presence…but you’ll be able to use it to maximize the benefit you get from your promotions and increase your profits.  

There’s still more!

You Can Monetize the WiFi 
You Already Pay For 
You can instantly monetize Social WiFi Funnels by selling ad space to other businesses on your WiFi. That’s right, you can start making money off the WiFi you were going to pay for anyway.

So imagine the possibilities. Customers who were using your free WiFi are now ...
  • Engaging with your social media
  •  Providing you valuable marketing data
  • And because they're getting your coupons and special offers, are more likely to become repeat customers.
No longer will you have to:
  • Maintain complicated passwords
  •  Listen to complaints about slow connection speeds
  • Worry about insecure networks
  •  Provide WiFi to people who give you absolutely nothing back

As you can see, by using Social WiFi Funnels you’ll put that WiFi to work for you:

  • By increasing social media engagement instantly
  •  By growing your email list, expanding the number of people you can make special offers to, send coupons to, or notify about special events
  •  By building a lasting relationship with your customers that will keep them coming back again and again
  •  By collecting marketing data on the users of your WiFi, so you can laser-focus your marketing efforts, ensuring you’ll be getting the most from your marketing budget
  •  By monetizing your WiFi, turning an expense into a profit-generator
Get Your Own Social WiFi Hotspot..
As you can see, SocialWiFi Funnels is a tool that can’t be ignored if you want to seriously grow your business.
Are you ready to put your WiFi to work for you?

You can happily get started with our Full SocialWiFi Funnels Suite, which allows your customers to log into nearly any social media site they choose: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email, and many more.
Right now, we have a LIMITED TIME special offer for you...

You Can Try it Out Absolutely Free

That’s right, for the first 30 days, you can test out SocialWiFi Funnels absolutely free

You’ll have full access to the WiFi platform, the data, and the analytics.

If you want to continue, great. If not, feel free to keep the data and leads to use as you see fit.

By the way, you will have to cover a small hardware deposit fee BUT don't worry it's 100% refundable!

What We Can Do For You

Lead Generation: Turn your Free Wi-Fi into an automated lead generating machine

Design Customize Landing Page: Reflects your business, brand and customer

Bandwidth Controls: Set the limit on the amount of bandwidth used

In-Depth Analytics: Learn about your customers and frequency of visits

Loyalty Rewards: Give your loyal customers rewards at login

We Make It Easy
  •  Generate REAL Leads
  •  Build Email List
  • Increase Customer Loyalty
  •  Improve Social Media Presence
  •  Retargeting Customers
  •  Promotions & Sponsorship
Social WiFi Funnels

With the 'Rise of the Smartphone' consumers want to stay connected at all times. 

People who connect to your Free Wi-Fi are redirected to your custom landing page.
Login methods include Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, VK, SMS or just regular email.
Landing pages can be created in your language for a custom user experience.
Limit the max amount of bandwidth each connected user can consume.
Learn who your best and most loyal customers are with full analytics and reporting.
Automate email list building by connecting your favorite Autoresponder, CRM, and Zapier.
Set user connected time limits for promotions and prevent internet squatters.
Change your landing pages automatically by settings up a campaign schedule.

Think about it.

You can keep doing what you’re doing, paying to provide free WiFi to your customers in the hope that somehow that will get people to come to your business.

And maybe they’ll buy something.

Or you can leverage that same WiFi to:

- Increase social media engagement

- Grow your email list

- Collect customer data to focus your marketing

- Run targeted promotions

- Generate revenue through selling ad space

- Increase revenue and profits

So stop giving away free WiFi

Take the first step…start today for free!

Thanks for reading. We look forward to helping you grow your business and increase your profits!

- Steven Crissien

PS If you want to put your WiFi to work for you and:
  •  Increase your social media presence
  •  Get more repeat business
  • Laser focus your marketing efforts
  •  Turn the expense of WiFi into a revenue generator
Then SocialWiFi Funnels is for you! Go ahead, click the button now, and get started with your free 30 days…before it’s too late. 
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